Once mesmerized 

By your seductive show

Lucid voices that now yell no

A mind and body once ravished 

Grown bored with your distaste 

The eruption of conflicts 

Born from your hate

Spewing from your lips 

It grows from your breast 

Offering my admittance 

I admired your chaotic behavior 

Controversial cocky craziness 

Scented fire and brimstone

Starless eyes 

Horns snarling from your hair

A grizzly sadistic stare 

You are a devil 


Silence has always been a necessity

For me

Like water

Like breathing 

Like love

I crave the stillness and the abandonment of the open air

To release my mind and let it run free

Without any judgment or chains

Nor red eyes staring down upon me 

Just a wandering imagination 

And the freshness of unlimited possibilities