Too Easy (I’d Rather)

It would be too easy to write a sad love song.
Would be too easy to not get along.
Would be too easy to do something wrong.
But I rather love you.
I’d rather love strong.

It’d be easy to close myself off.
It’d be easy to lie and scoff.
But I’d much rather stay soft.
I feel my heart beating out my chest.
And in this pain, I’d rather love it all away.


Love It (Record Player)

Record Player

I love it how you rub my hair.
Love it how you blow kisses in the air.
Slap me around. Throw me down.
I love how we play around
To the music and sound.
The treble. That bass.
I love that soothing pound.
Getting lost in you, and I clench my breath.
Letting go frightens me, and I silently detest.

Record player on repeat.
Bodies swaying to the sound track.
I take control of your hips.
You tease the steam down my pulsating back.
Pulling you in close. You whisper in my ear.
“You are not alone. I am here.”


Today I woke up with tears clouding my eyes
Tears that burned and flooded my eyes
Blinking them close
Can’t stop the cries from my eyes
Only to stop and realize the ache inside
I call out to my brother from the heavens above
And ask, “What is this? Love?”
… No answer


Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy.
Birthday boy with no Birthday joy.
No Birthday cards, no Birthday toys.
Birthday cake with no Birthday candles.
Birthday wish blown into the wind.
Birthday song sung by strangers.
Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to me.
Another year to live. Another year to be.

Birthday Boy